I am available for weekends only at this present time however I can do stay overs for a flat fee of $120 for the night, this can include any day of the week and subject to work starting times. If it is in enough notice for instance in the school holiday time a 2 week notice before the date is required as that is the requested time I need to notify work for time off. I do not have a car however I am efficient in getting where I need to get too. A pick-up or lift is always appreciated but not necessary, only if it fits into your plans.
The fee will be dependent on what tasks/jobs/structure you would require of me. If it will be just putting children to bed it will only be $15 p/h. If it is for the day then it will still be flexible between $15 - $20 p/h, also as noted above if it is during the week a 2 week notice before the date is requested due to work requirements.     

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